Identification and Dating Information. 

It is very hard to identify and date the accessories accurately. Quite often there is no makers mark and all you can go by is the shape of the workman, the colour and shape of the base, the type of piston or flywheel and so on.

The trick is to find something that has already been identified either by being in a specific catalogue or on a website. 

As I come across more books and website I add them to the ever growing list.

I use the help of friends from around the world and the following books, catalogues and websites.

'Steam Toys A Symphony in Motion' by Morton A. Hirschberg.

'Metal Toys from Nuremburg' by Gerhard D. Walter.

'Tinplate Toys' by Jurgen Franze.

'Gerbruder Bing, Spielwaaren 1898' by Verlag Eisenbahn.

'Gerbruder Bing im Jugendstil 1909' by Verlag Eisenbahn.

Gerbruder Bing, Spielzeug zur Vorkriegszeit 1912-1915' by Verlag Eisenbahn.

'Bing, Metall Spielwaren 1926-1932' by Verlag Eisenbahn.

'Mamod, The Story of Malins Models' by P.S. Malins.

'Toyshop Steam' by Basil Harley.

'Toy Steam Accessories' by Marcus Rooks.

'Toy Steam Engines' by Bob Gordon.

'The Bowman Book of Steam Models'

'Bowman Book for Boys'