These are some sites that are well worth visiting.

John Reids Steam Page  A fascinating collection of engines and accessories.

Mooseman  Small but bijou collection of live steam toy engines.


Temple of Steam  Indianarogs collection including Jensen, Empire, Karsten and many other great toys.


Graham-Jilly Albany Creek Light Rail, an Australian Garden Railway.

Roly Williams Toy Steam collector and the author of  "Live Steam Toys - a User's Guide."

www.fabtintoys.com/steam/uk  A search function for tin toys on E-bay.

Kritika A collection of Mobile steam engines.

Sandy Hunter A collection of old stationary engines such as Bowman, Mamod, Cyldon and Mersey, with a few German brands as well.

 http://www.ventix-pages.de/steam/index.html A very good site for Fleischmann engines and accessories.


 Knut's Engine Models & Hobby Site


 The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum  









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