My SEL Steam Engines


Signalling Equipment Limited or S.E.L. was 1 of 2 trade names (the other was Merit) used  by J & L Randall Ltd, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, a British Toy Manufacturer. They made 5 Steam Engines between 1946 & 1965, four Stationaries and a Launch engine. The Stationaries were made with two different bases, a two sided base and a four sided base. The bases also came in two colours, green and red, the latter mostly marked Merit. 

1520 Minor 4 sided base

1520 Minor 2 sided base

1530 Junior 4 sided base

1530 Junior 2 sided base

1540 Standard 4 sided base

1540 Standard 2 sided base

1550 Major 4 sided base

1550 Major 2 sided base

1560 Steam Launch Unit

All Four 4 sided base

All Four 2 sided base